We currently have the following vacancies. Please note all roles are on a voluntary, unpaid basis.

Charities Co-ordinator

This is an off-air role consisting between 2-5 hours per month. You will need to contact local (south wales based) charities and non-profit groups to establish if there is any interest in their organisation being our featured Charity of the Month. Where possible, communication will be done by email or telephone and possibly in person.
This role is open to anyone living in South Wales over the age of 16. We may ask for references.

Events Assistant

A great chance to get some hands-on training. You will help set up and run the live events stand which includes setting up of the mixer, speakers and microphones. You may be tasked with a specific job such as taking photos or handing out promotional leaflets. The job varies depending on the type of event and the location.
This role is ad-hoc and will be as and when we have events on.

Radio Presenter

Although experience may not be required, you’ll need to be a certain type of person. We’re not looking for someone who can play track after track and it’s unlikely we’ll take on DJ’s who play only sets with no interaction.
You’ll need a microphone, a good computer with music collection and a reliable broadband connection.
To be considered for this role please record a demo and email it to
As volunteers we fully appreciate the time given up by our presenters but please take a look at our schedule and let us know what days/times you think you could do on a permanent basis.

Please get in touch for more details or if you would like to apply for any of these jobs.

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