Open Mic Night


Open Mic Night is where we let you take over for an hour. You might be in a band or a solo artist and want to play your own tracks for an hour. That’s fine, we fully support that however you will need to host and present the show as well which would include introducing the tracks and explaining a bit about each song.

Fancy being the DJ?

If you’ve always fancied a go behind the mic then this is the perfect chance for you. You’ll need to use your own mic and provide the music you want to play and we’d really encourage you to do more than just introduce the music. Provide something fun and topical. Talk about what others are talking about, play a game. We can always help you out with this if you like and if you are good enough you could end up with a regular slot on the Big Time schedule.

How it works.

You can record a 60 mins show, including music and send it to us. This could be recorded on your computer with software such as Audacity or you could record it with an Mp3 recorder, Minidisc or audio mixer. We don’t really mind how you record it, as long as the finished product is about 60 mins long.

Broadcast Live.
This is a little more tricky but we can help you with the set up so that you can broadcast live from your own home. All you need is a computer, microphone and a broadband internet connection. This takes a confident and outspoken person to pull off well but as long as you don’t mind speaking into a mic then you should be fine. The downside of being live is there is no way to cover up mistakes. You should practice this a few times, record yourself for say 20 mins and then play it back and see what might need improving.

To find out more or to apply for OPEN MIC NIGHT please get in touch via twitter/facebook or email us you can also use the message system on the website to send us a message.

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