Local Sports Clubs

If you are part of a sports club or team that could benefit from the exposure of local radio then all you need to do is get in touch with us.

We’ll happily play any news and results as long as you are happy enough to record it which can be done with virtually any smart phone and can be done very easily with the free Big Time Radio mobile app.

You could share your results with the whole of South Wales within a few minutes of the final whistle. It might not be the result of the game you’d like to share but could be some news about one of the team. Anything you think would be appropriate that celebrates the grass roots sports in South Wales.

Even if your sport is not a team sport with regular events, we’d still love to hear from you. Perhaps you are a skate boarder or BMX rider that just nailed a new trick and want to share it with others. We’d love to help so why not get in touch today!

We may also be able to offer you sponsorship either as a club or an individual. If you’re interested please email sponsors@bigtimecardiff.co.uk tell us as much about you as possible.

Bringing local radio back to South Wales. Big Time.