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On air presenter

What do I need?

A music collection on your computer. It doesn’t need to contain thousands of songs, just what you would like to play.
You’ll need either a microphone working on your pc (not a built in mic, but headset is fine). You can broadcast live from the comfort of your own home. If you’d rather, you can record a show every week rather than broadcast live.

Do I need a mixer?

No but if you have one then it is probably easier for you to control mic levels etc.

Will I need to talk on air?

Yes. We are looking for people with a personality and can talk about interesting things on air. The exception is for example a dance show, however even then we’d strongly encourage some verbal interaction.

Do I get paid?

Everyone gets 500 Ugandan dollars every week. This is about 23p.
Real answer: No, all our staff are unpaid volunteers. As time goes on and the station grows we hope to change this, but for the moment it is unpaid.

Is there a minimum age?

12 years old. Anyone under 16 we would need parents consent which may include them supervising your shows content.

How do I broadcast?

We can help you with that once you get going. The software is very simple and compatible with windows and mac computers.

What can my show be about?

Anything you would like (within reason). You might have an interest in a certain genre of music or like to chat about a certain topic. Whatever your interest, all you need is to be able to share it with others and be able to talk on the air about it in a relaxed way.

I’d like to try it out. Now what?

Send us an email to with as much detail as possible.

Off Air Roles

  • Charities co-ordinator
  • News team (on air or off air)

Please get in touch if you are interested in any of these roles.

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