Hyperlocal Bloggers

As a community station we recognise the value and importance of hyperlocal bloggers most (if not all) have been run entirely at the cost of the person behind them.

We’d like to offer all cardiff hyperlocal blogs the chance to get a mention on air which you can do yourselves or we can do it for you. Just provide a brief description of the site, when it was set up, what made you set it up in the first place and some of the events you’ve been involved with or other success stories. If you’d like, you can even record the information yourself on a computer or phone and email it over. This gives it a much more personal touch.

The hyperlocal blogs will be permanently featured (individually) on air at various times of the day.

Email: studio@bigtimecardiff.co.uk if you would like to submit your hyperlocal blog.

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