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I can’t get it to work?

Our default radio player should play in most browsers. If for some reason it does not work on your computer there are other links you can try which will either open in your browser or you can open in media players like Winamp, VLC, iTunes, and Windows Media Player.

My computer is older than Jesus.

Houston, we have a problem.

I don’t have speakers?

What? We can’t hear you. Speak up.


Big Time

What is Big Time Radio?

Aside from being a community internet station for Cardiff, we’re putting the fun back into broadcasting. We have no problem with announcing birthdays, local events, shout out to your nan or helping you celebrate if your girlfriend just dumped you. Big fun, big time.

Who is behind it?

This whole crazy idea came from the empty skulls of two of our DJ’s: Matthew Lock and Jim Belcher

What’s with the name?

It represents the attitude of the station rather well. We’re all about being loud and proud and having fun in the process.

Why aren’t you on FM?

Frankly, because the radio market in the UK has become impossibly commercialised. It’s all about selling adverts and making money. Until Ofcom offer new FM licences then it is unlikely we’ll be on FM anytime soon. The overall plan from Ofcom is to move big commercial stations from FM to DAB leaving room for more community stations like us to use FM. However…
Virtually everyone is online today, with multiple devices constantly connected so there really isn’t a great need for us to be on FM.

Why aren’t you on DAB?

In the future we might. At the moment it costs too much.

Can I work for you?

Of course but you should know that our entire team are unpaid volunteers who work tirelessly purely to provide a community service to the City of Cardiff. If you’d like to DJ or work behind the scenes then get in touch.


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How do I get the app?

The app is called TuneIn and available as a FREE download from your app store. Download the app and search for Big Time Radio. Look for our monkey logo.

Does it cost money to listen with this app?

No, the app uses whatever data connection your device normaly uses. Your home wifi or public wifi hotspots are fine but if you are using 3G then you need to be responsible and ensure you have a good amount of data available with your mobile provider. If you are using a PAYG mobile phone to listen and you don’t have wifi then it will be taken from your credit.
If you are going abroad then please check with your provider.

Can I listen in the car?

Unless you have a new car with internet radio then your only option listening in the car is via your phone/tablet connected to the AUX input of your car radio. We sometimes have competitions where you can win an FM transmitter for your mobile. Just email us for details.


On Air

What music do you play?

A mix of everything but most of the time you will hear the current chart, new releases and hits from the ages. Some shows might be focused on a specific genre.
Overnight or when there is no presenter for a show we will play automated music from a library of thousands of songs. We will never play a recorded loop of songs or similar and wherever possible we will have live DJ’s from 6am until midnight.

Will you actually play my request?

Yes if you ask nicely. As long as it’s appropriate and the DJ has it available at the time.

I am an unsigned artist/band, can you play our stuff?

Please see our OPEN MIC NIGHT page.

What events can I find you at?

We love getting involved at any community festivals and events so if you have something in mind then let us know. Events we are appearing at will be posted on our website and facebook/twitter feeds.

Do you have any freebies?

We have free stickers which you can get at any of our live events or just email us and we can send them out to you. We sometimes have some keyrings and squeezeballs for free. You can buy a customised Big Time phone case with your name on it for £8 and you can purchase T shirts and Hoodies too.

Bringing local radio back to South Wales. Big Time.