Why are we asking for money?

There is a very good reason we’re asking for donations. It costs money to run a radio station! One of the many “Rules of Radio” we’re breaking away from is that you need adverts to survive. Maybe we do and time will certainly tell but we’d really like to have our station run free of commercials. The average commercial radio station will play at least 6 adverts an hour and we’d really like to avoid that as much as possible.

Lovely Loyal Listeners

We believe that if we can deliver a good product that you, our lovely listeners will be proud to support us and even if that’s not with a cash donation then you can always buy one of our embroidered T shirts and hoodies for example.
We’re a non-profit organisation and all of our staff are unpaid volunteers who work tirelessly to put Big Time Radio on the air every hour of every day…at their own expense!


You really don’t need to give us much, as little as one quid can really help keep Big Time on the air. If you don’t know how much to donate, simple answer the questions: what is this radio station worth to you? Couple of quid? Fiver? Tenner? The correct answer is whatever amount you like :)

Bringing local radio back to South Wales. Big Time.