Charity of the Month

Every month we will be showcasing a South Wales Charity or Community Organisation both on air and on our website.

If you work for a charity, non-profit, voluntary or other community organisation and would like some local radio exposure or if you know of one that is worthy of this then please get in touch.

This feature will run every day throughout the whole month and will be played on air a massive TEN TIMES A DAY. We’d really like the people who are behind these organisations to provide an audio recording or interview so that we can produce the final output but if this is not possible then one of our presenters will be happy to do it.

Particularly, we’d like to here from the smaller organisations. The ones that wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for a few key people holding things together. For example: community sports clubs and conservation groups. However these are just examples and we’re happy to accept submissions from any charity or community organisation based in Cardiff.

Please email:

or if you prefer send us a message through our facebook page or twitter

Voluntary organisations may also be able to get a permanent on air presence. This is exclusive to groups run entirely by volunteers and does not apply to charities or non-profit groups. Please ask for details.

Bringing local radio back to South Wales. Big Time.