Local Radio Advertising

Simple. Affordable. Easy.

You can advertise on-air from as little as £20 per month, (excl. production costs £20-30). There are several options available. For full details please email sales@bigtimecardiff.co.uk and we’ll be glad to come and visit you and advise what will most likely work best for your business.

Starter Package


  • Your advert on the radio twice per day every single day for just twenty quid.
  • Pay as you go 30 day term.
Standard Package


  • Your advert on the radio four times a day.
  • Listed on our website
  • Pay as you go 30 day term.
Platinum Package


  • Your advert played up to 10 times per day at a time slot of your choice subject to availability.
  • Listed on our website
  • Website banner
  • Promoted via social media

Email: sales@bigtimecardiff.co.uk

and we’ll send the boys round….in a nice way.

  • All advertising is subject to one-off production costs. If you already have an advert in audio format ready to be aired then this fee is obviously not charged. If you would like to feature in your own radio advert (sounds personable) then production cost is £20. If you need a voiceover artist to produce your advert the cost is £30.

We particularly welcome interest from independent traders and small businesses who have not previously been able to afford radio advertising. With production costs from just £30 we are very pleased that this form of advertising is now affordable to everyone.


You can also sponsor a show or a segment such as the weather or travel news. This would mean your message or jingle will be played everytime the weather is read out – usually on the hour every hour during live shows. These prices do not include the production cost of the jingle (where needed):
1 Month – £100
3 Months – £250
6 Months – £450

Website Advertising

Advertising on our website is included with the on-air ads or can be purchased seperately for £10 a month (3 month minimum).

Voluntary Organisations

We will offer Voluntary Organisations free airtime wherever possible. This would usually just be the DJ’s giving it a mention live on air but it may be possible for you to send in a recording if you would rather do it yourself.
– This does not include charities or non-profit groups but purely groups run by unpaid volunteers

Bringing local radio back to South Wales. Big Time.