Big Time Skateparks

Big Time Skateparks!

A new part of Big Time Radio - listing and reviewing all the skateparks in South Wales!

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Bringing local radio back to South Wales. Big Time.

Live and Local

Our DJ’s are not based in London and we’re more real than a syndicated show from Birmingham with no heart.

Our live shows are just that – live from South Wales.

Get in…teractive

Twitter, facebook, email or call/text/skype us. Requests, shoutouts, messages or even just a tongue twister!


If you want your event announced on air, on our social media or even have us come along and provide some free PA and broadcast the event live on air then get in touch today by just emailing

Live events is our speciality. Just take a look at some of the events from 2013-4 across Cardiff and South Wales.

Have you noticed?

There is very little local radio in Cardiff.

Fed up with radio adverts or presenters with the personality of a dead tree?

Bringing local radio back…

Our aim is to bring truly local news and information. We want to cater for the grassroot communities of our capital city and promote your events and support local clubs and organistations plus the enormous talents of the unsigned artists and bands.

We want to have a laugh and play the best music without a jingle every five minutes telling you that we’re playing the hottest mix or the best beats. Our presenters are live, local, friendly and have a personality.

What the FM is going on?

We launched on April Fools Day 2013 and as much as we might like to be on FM, it’s just not possible at the moment. FM costs a lot of money and you have to jump through a number of hoops from Ofcom (the government authority responsible for all UK radio communications). In theory the move to digital TV should free up more frequencies for FM radio but so far we’ve not noticed.

In todays society everything and everyone is online so why should radio be any different?
Well actually it isn’t. Figures show in 2012 listening online has gone up 40% [source]. People are connected almost everywhere they go. It’s already been announced by several big car companies that they will be putting 4G technology in new cars in 2015 so even cars on the go are soon to have internet technology in use. People spend so much time online that it comes to reason that we can run our station available online and on mobile phones and tablets.

Listen on the move…with the FREE TuneIn app

Smart phones and tablets can listen to Big Time Radio on the move and even hook up to another sound system such as at work or in the car. All you need is a wifi connection or a 3G signal and you can listen straight from the web browser or even easier with the TuneIn mobile app, which is free to download.

It’s time to have fun on the radio again. Big time.

Even the first minister likes us!

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